What do you miss ?

In the past few years, I got myself into this “busy” ignorant lifestyle as a result of what many would call the “process” of growing up.

Since my health condition made me sit in bed for the past few weeks, I got extremely melancholic listening to all this jazz, finding old pictures and watching the movie “lady and the tramp” over and over again.tumblr_ojcoxjnjr11s7n9hno1_500

In order to kill some time and disconnect from my story, I decided to write you a list of things I miss doing.

If you’re at the same point in life, like myself, where you have problems finding out what makes you happy and what’s actually important in maintaining the good vibes in your life, you should try writing this list too.

As you guys know, I never give you bad advices. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

here we go:

I miss…

waking up in my colorful sheets that smell like “flowery winter morning”

eating cooked food by my parents

having time to watch cartoons in the morning

santa claus and the childish excitement on christmas

being silly without overthinking

not overthinking…everything

dancing with my father

eating Belgian chocolate after watching a theater piece

not worrying, not worrying, not worrying

unconditional love

brushing my dolls

buying one meter-chewing gum and feeling badass

playing the piano, every single day

punk music

the old pizza flavored Kubeti

my naive perception of life

cheese (pshh, that’s a secret)


torturing my little cousin on christmas

Sims 2

the smell of Palmolive Aquarium soap



“Would your 8 year old self be proud of you?”

just think about that for a second

or two?!

have a nice week guys.

till next time.




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