Vegan Romanian Salami Cookies


Hello friends,

Today I’m going to teach you how to make my all time favorite Romanian dessert: salami cookies.

It only takes a max. of 30 minutes and all you need is:

200ml of Milk ( Coconut or Almond milk)

500g Biscuits 

150g Vegan margarine 

2 tablespoons of cocoa powder 

100g of sugar 

100g raisins (or walnuts, peanuts, whatever you like)

2-3 tablespoons of coconut powder (again, not necessarily: I use it because I like how it looks and tastes)

rum: as much as you like. I’m a big fan so is probably best I don’t write down how much I used in this one. 


  1. break the biscuits into coarse crumbs
  2. in a large pot: on medium heat mix the milk with butter/margarine until it melts and start to slowly add the cocoa powder, sugar, raisins/nuts and the rum. bring it to a boil and let it cool down after that. You don’t have to wait until it’s cold but it’s best to not mix the hot milk with the biscuits if you want a fine texture.
  3. in a separate bowl mix the biscuits with the milk mixture until they’re blend together (use your hands or a wooden spoon so that you don’t smash the biscuits too hard)
  4. After mixing everything together leave the dough 5 minutes so that the biscuits can absorb the milk and roll it up in a plastic wrap, slowly forming the form of a salami.


5.Wrap tightly and refrigerate 6 to 7 hours. Remove plastic wrap and cut into 1/2″ slices when ready to serve.


I’m sure your friends will love it and so will your body


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