Is it Vegan? (Part one)

Hello friends,

I can proudly check my first week as a Vegan.

For those of you that didn’t know, I used to be a hobby vegan for the past few months until this week: when I finally decided to become a full time vegan. 

Due to my little knowledge about the products I eat, I started reading everything that is on the pack + labels so that I’m sure there is no cheating. Of course there are a lot of products that I have to forget but also many I was surprised to find out that are accidentally vegan.

Here is my list for this week:

  • Lay’s Wavy potato chips (Lightly Salted and Original varieties)
  • Ritz Crackers
  • Lindt Cocoa Bars ( 70%, 85% and 90%)
  • Pop-Tarts
  • Veggie Lovers Pizza ( Pizza Hut)
  • Special K Red Berries
  • Kashi Island Vanilla Biscuits
  • Baked soft Pretzels

I’m so glad I can still stick with my “unhealthy” snacks from time to time without any problems…keeping it all just green would be a shock for my body.

Let me know what are you favorite vegan products or if you like any of the products I mentioned in my post.



Till next time,



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